You’ve no doubt heard people refer fondly to their “extended family,” “work family,” or “church family.” A dental family can be just as significant. The support and compassion that comes from the consistent relationship with a staff of dental professionals can benefit every member of your family.

Just like the Cheers song goes, “sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name…. “ A dental appointment can often bring with it some level of anxiety but it’s a good feeling to be able to walk into your dentist’s office and be recognized and greeted by name.

Aside from the emotional advantage the convenience of finding dental care for your entire family under one roof is a definite factor. It eliminates having to run all over town to take the little ones here and older family members there.

Regular dental checkups and preventive home care can keep a comparatively minor issue from becoming something a lot more serious. An early diagnosis can save you from having to undergo invasive and more expensive treatments. A small surface cavity can easily be remedied and in some cases reversed. Finding signs of gum disease while still in the earliest stage will keep it from advancing.

By the time your child is seven years old he or she will be ready to brush their own teeth. A friendly dental hygienist can help them learn the proper way to brush and floss, what kind of toothpaste to use and recommend foods that can strengthen their tooth enamel. Your family dentist is often the first one to suspect that your child may be a candidate for orthodontic therapy. If necessary he can recommend a specialist in the field for further examination.

Seniors have their own particular dental needs. Dry mouth for instance, can be the cause of cavities in older people. The condition can be brought about by certain prescription medicines. If symptoms of dry mouth are discovered by your family dentist you can alert your doctor who may be able to change or adjust your medication.

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