It may surprise you to know that your dentist can tell a lot about your general health as well as your dental health just by looking inside your mouth. A cavity for instance, can produce visible holes in your teeth that are easily recognized by the trained eye.

Bad breath is noticeable as soon as you open your mouth and there can be several reasons for it. The most obvious would be that you had recently eaten or drunk something especially pungent and the odor has stayed with you. Putting aside the obvious however, your dentist may recognize a certain aroma as a possible symptom of the existence of diabetes while another might be associated with a renal condition. Gum disease can also contribute to bad breath but if the issue cannot be attributed to an oral condition your dentist is likely to recommend that you see your physician for further examination.

Indications of acid erosion is usually seen on the back of the front teeth. It may lead your dentist to ask about your eating habits in order to rule out the possibility of a serious disorder such as bulimia. The purging that is associated with this kind of disease exposes the teeth to stomach acids. Other causes of deterioration of the tooth enamel are persistent acid reflux or any kind of medication that might decrease the flow of natural saliva.

If your dentist should notice that the texture of your tongue has changed from its normal roughness and has become smoother he may suspect an iron deficiency and prescribe a supplement to make up for the lack of iron in your diet.

A toothache is often confused with the pressure that is felt from a sinus infection because the roots of the upper teeth are in such close proximity to the sinus cavities. Your dentist can distinguish the source of your pain.

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