What do people look for when they’re trying to find a family dentist? Surveys have shown that insurance coverage, convenience, leading edge technology and personal attention are some of the things on a potential patient’s checklist.

People who have dental insurance through their employment often rely on the recommended lists of dental practices that honor their employer’s particular plan. Patients appreciate help from the dental office staff in handling claims. Those who aren’t covered at work look for a dentist who accepts payment arrangements from the various credit companies that cater to dental services or who offers an in house payment plan.

Busy family schedules center around school events, work, and social obligations. A dental office that is conveniently located somewhere within the daily route to and from home and work will rate high on a list of pros v cons. A visible office location is an asset in attracting dental patients.

How often do you click on the customer review page when shopping online? People want to know what others think of the product or service that they are considering for purchase. A positive review from a current patient will go a long way in convincing a potential one.

Time is again a factor in the decision. A dentist who offers one day crowns for instance, will appeal to the busy working population. Digital radiology lets the patient view the images of their own gums and teeth as the dentist explains his findings and discusses possible treatments. Comfort is of course a major concern. Most people feel some anxiety about keeping an appointment with their dentist. Advanced technology that can serve to make the dental experience more pleasant is a big plus for a majority of potential patients.

While online websites are major sources of reference, nothing can be more influential than a personal recommendation from a family member or close friend. Patient referrals are definitely beneficial.

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