If you lose a part of a tooth’s structure due to decay or some type of injury, you will need to have it restored so that you can continue to eat and talk as you did before. This restoration is usually able to be accomplished with a dental filling. Your dentist may use one of several types of filling materials according to the size of the cavity and where the tooth is located. Price can also be a consideration that your dentist will be happy to discuss with you.

Gold fillings are generally thought of as the ultimate choice. Gold is easy on the gums and the filling is custom made for each patient and built to last up to twenty years. The only drawbacks to gold fillings is that because they are made to order the procedure will require more than one visit to assure a proper fit. A gold filling will cost you more than other alternatives. Silver fillings for instance, are much less expensive and are a popular choice for the restoration of back teeth.

If the damaged tooth is in the front of your mouth you may be more concerned with the aesthetic issue. A composite paste can be mixed to match the natural color of your existing teeth. When the resin is used to fill the cavity left after decay has been removed, the restored tooth will seem the same as the others. Composite fillings are often used for small cavities and are usually expected to last up to ten years with proper care.

Porcelain fillings can be compared to gold as far as cost is concerned. These fillings are also top of the line and custom made for natural color and stain resistance. They are bonded on to cover most of the tooth’s surface.

If your tooth has been damaged to the extent that a filling is not the best option for treatment your dentist may recommend installing a crown instead.

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