Modern radiography gives your family dentist many options for the prevention and treatment of his patients.  Not only can he use the technology to find the source of a bothersome tooth, but he can monitor the development of a child’s permanent teeth even before they erupt, with the innovation of the occlusal x-ray.

There are intraoral – used for issues inside the mouth –  and extraoral  x-rays. There are different types of x-rays included in each category.  Bite-wing x-rays for instance, are used to examine the back molars and the teeth closest to them in order to spot cavities that might be forming there. Periapical x-rays work best when the focus is on one particular tooth.  They can give your dentist a good look at the entire length of any one tooth.  Bite-wing and periapical x-rays can also be used together to give your dentist a more complete picture of your entire mouth.

Extraoral x-rays taken from outside the mouth give the dentist an accurate image of the jawbone as well as the teeth. They are used mostly to keep track the development of the teeth beneath the gums or to determine an impacted tooth.  The purpose is more overall and less defined.

Panoramic x-rays are taken with a machine specific to the process and are used to enable the dentist to view the mouth, teeth and jawbone all in one image.  Patients simply sit still and let the technology do its work.  The level of radiology is actually lower using this type of x-ray.

Cephalometric radiology is commonly used when assessing the need for braces.  Pictures of the jawbone are compared with a profile of the bite to help the dentist decide on the best procedure.

Digital x-rays are the latest technology.  The film that was typically used is replaced by sensors that transfer images onto a computer screen.  The immediate results make it possible for the patient to see the images at the same time his dentist does – no waiting for a second appointment to get x-ray results.

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