Anyone can experience what it feels like to have bad breath after eating a particularly spicy or pungent food. You may get that icky stale feeling in your mouth that tells you something is off but when you notice that people are looking away or covering their mouth and nose area when you’re speaking to them you’ll know for sure that it’s your breath.

A temporary sour breath can be easily dealt with. That’s why we have minty toothpastes and antiseptic mouthwashes. If you’d rather rely on the curative power of herbs try finishing off your meal with a parsley garnish.

Halitosis is another story. Unlike an occasional embarrassment halitosis is a condition that can’t merely be rinsed away with a breath freshener. There can be a number of causes most of them having to do with a dental issue such as gum disease or deteriorating dentures. Your diet may be another determining factor. Avoid sweets and acidic foods and skip the common culprits like garlic or onions.

Habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcoholic beverages can be detrimental to good breath. If you’ve ever been a smoker and have since quit you know how pungent and recognizable “smoker’s breath” can be. And we all know how easy it is to tell if someone has been imbibing. That’s why those pocket breath sprays are so popular! Bad breath is occasionally a repercussion of a more serious underlying physical disorder, but disease is not a common cause.

Halitosis is caused when bacteria is left to fester and turn into an oral infection. We all know by now that brushing and flossing are the best defenses against tooth and gum disease. Practicing good oral health habits is even more important for people who suffer from frequent or consistent bad breath.

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